Reinventing an annual promotion as a rewarding immersive AR game.

The heart of it

Like any great TV series, when that 3rd season rolls around you have to keep it fresh to retain the attention of your audience and capture their imagination. Same goes for Weet-Bix’s summer cricket promotion, and their shoppers, consumers and retailers.

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    Creative Concept
    CX Strategy
    Shopper Strategy & Rollout
    Platform Integration
    Prize Negotiation, Management, Modelling and Fulfilment
    Promotional Legals, Permits, and Logistics
  • Behavioural Insight

    At breakfast kids get the most choice over their meal than any other time of the day, which for cereal is a battleground seemingly more exciting options are winning. And mum’s choice, Weet-Bix, gets left in the cupboard.


    Bring kids face-to-face with their cricket heroes at the brekky table by transforming their Weet-Bix box into an interactive backyard cricket match that rewards them for playing every single morning.

    Using AR technology, the Weet-Bix box was scanned to unlock the experience. A backyard cricket stadium unpacked from the box with Aussie cricket heroes, Marnus or Ellys, appearing at the crease. In their Weet-Bix ‘whites’ and digital pads they faced kids’ best bowling, challenging them for prizes and in-game collectables.

    Shoppers were able to purchase a Weet-Bix pack, scan the QR code and download the Brekkie Prize-Bowl app. Once at home, the app was used to scan the Weet-Bix box to launch the all-immersive game. Our ‘gamified’ Aussie Cricket Heroes, Marnus and Ellyse challenged kids to the ultimate game of backyard cricket in a series of stadiums that were inspired by iconic aussie locations.

    The Results


    Sales Increase


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