We made everyday meals feel like a Green Gold celebration.

The heart of it

A bumper crop meant Australian Avocados were facing the challenge of managing oversupply if they couldn’t find a way to inspire more shoppers to buy Avocados more often. Not just to smash on toast or slice into a salad.

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    Shopper Strategy
    Shopper Messaging and Touchpoint Planning
    Creative Concept
    Retailer Activation Planning
    Campaign Rollout & Production
  • Behavioural Insight

    Often we assume our tastes or preferences will remain the same over time. It’s how our shopping list can remain almost identical from week to week. And for shoppers who see Avocado’s as a bit of a luxury, it gives them a limited opportunity to make it on the list.


    Inspiration with a behavioural economics twist. By giving easy ways to add Avocado’s to existing meals we primed people with familiar tastes and flavours. By creating any one of these recipes we aim to benefit from the ‘Ikea Effect’, which sees people placing higher value on things they’ve invested their time and energy into. If we can get more people cooking with avocados, we can get people adding more avos to their baskets.


    The campaign showed how avocados can be added to elevate any dish at any time of the day. Morning brekkie, school lunches, or everyday dinners. Sliced, diced, blended, battered, barbecued or baked. No matter what the meal occasion, just add an avocado and turn it into a real AVOcassion.


    Supported through FOS screens and online display banners with Woolworths, we also ran a best in class display incentive with IGA, encouraging stores to help shoppers add an avo to their basket and turn their next meal into an AVOcassion.

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