Dari's Soups



Bringing the love and warmth of family to chilled soup.

The Heart of it

With growing competition from retailer homebrands, price promotions influenced many shoppers purchasing behaviour.
The chilled soup shelf had become somewhat commoditised and was lacking emotional substance that previously made it so appealing to consumers. 

  • Client

    Dari's Soups
  • Expertise

    Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Packaging Concept & Design
    Creative Roll Out
  • Problem

    Despite the popularity of Darikay’s chilled soup, Australians didn’t know that there’s a real family pouring wholesome local ingredients and care into every handmade batch.


    Nothing comforts quite like homemade soup that’s made with love.


    Reveal this exceptional story of family compassion, care and craft for nourishing people to emotionalise soup in a way our competition couldn’t.


    Starting with the brand identity, we brought the family story to the forefront. Leading with the family matriarch, Dari, we repositioned the brand making it personal. Focussing on substance and simplicity of what goes into every batch – whole local ingredients – and the emotional benefit consumers receive from real handcrafted homemade soup – that familiar feeling of home. 

    These qualities were reflected across the brand, from packaging to how the they communicated.

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